New York Times Portfolio Review Submission

New York Times Portfolio Review Submission

Broods at Lost Lake Music Festival 2017.

People enjoy looking at good photographs of other people, especially when those people are being highly animated and emotional, and those traits are definitely well-known staples of any good concert performance. Part of the beauty of music is its uncanny ability to open up new worlds in both a literal sense, as in music’s ability to bridge gaps and bring people together, but also a more figurative sense, in its ability to use the power of sound to spiritually transport people to a completely different plane of existence. These photos are meant to encapsulate that “different world” that music creates through the musicians’ emotion and the unique lighting and color effects that concert rigs create to give musical performance such a supernatural feeling.

In 2018 For the first time ever I decided to put a portfolio of my work together and submit it to the New York Times in hopes they would review it. I was not selected, but I intend to submit my work every year moving forward. Below you will find a few more pictures from the submission or click here to view the google drive folder.

This portfolio will also be available in print in, the May issue of Pages Per Content Magazine.

The first ever Phoenix Rock Lottery at the Crescent Ballroom.
Run The Jewels at Terminal 5.
Isaac Parker of Wolvves at Trans Pecos.

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